Biopop in "Markt" place in Delft
April, 1st - 2nd 2006

Seven months after Bologna and the magic repeated itself.

For the second time we were deployed in another beautiful European public square, this time in Delft, The Netherlands, and local people were with us, wondering which direction scientific research should.

Another appointment with new faces and experiences, new questions and life stories to tell, but the same desire to converse and discuss about biotechnology and new cures for diseases, transgenic food and its safety, use of DNA and databases.

The tent of BIOPOP was several miles away from where it appeared for the first time, but it felt like we were still there: the informal atmosphere we left in Italy was renewed here among passers-by, families, curious people, and the students of Delft. We, young European biotechnologists, were present there to chat and collect opinions, and once again to play with children who, running all around the tent, were catching the thief of their candies following his DNA fingerprints.

They were two intense days, characterized by violent storms and strong wind, alternating with a shining sun. However, Delft citizens and people from all over The Netherlands were not disheartened, but faced the weather to participate to our activities and to stimulate discussions inside the mysterious white tent.

Now we need to gather what these experiences taught us, and the ‘booty’ is considerable. We will deliver the opinions of people to local and European Institutions and, most importantly, we will remember that scientific research needs communication and dialogue. This has to be a daily task, not only during events like those we proposed in our European squares.
This is our duty: to retell these two years of BIOPOP and to continue along the path of society in science.


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