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BIOPOP is a project in which young European biotechnologists meet citizens to build a new model of communication with society, and to move toward a science made of participation, discussion and decision sharing.

What we tell stems from several years of meetings, debates, discussions, and thoughts promoted by a European network of young researchers and students in the Life Science. During the YEBN (Young European Biotech Network) Annual Meeting, held in Poland in December 2003, the most active organisations recognized the common need to involve their own researchers in a change that could not be postponed anymore.

A call within the 6th EU Framework Programme, enthusiasm, and the will to build something new were some of the ingredients for a small but important record: the first project ever financed by an EU Framework Programme who involved scientists under 30 years old. The project gathers associations from France, The Netherlands, Poland, Germany, and Italy, which is represented by ANBI (the National Association of Italian Biotechnologists). The Italian association is also the coordinator of the project with the University of Bologna. Collaborators of the project are Observa-Science in Society (sociology of science), and Aethia.

This is how BIOPOP was born: a pilot study to develop innovative models of communication of Life Science, realized through two public events in Bologna (Italy) and Delft (The Netherlands), and the website www.biopop.eu.

Members of the consortium

AETHIA SRL, Power Computing Solutions

ANBI, National Association of Italian Biotechnologists

Observa, Science and Society

Amicale des Elèves Ingénieurs de l'Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg

Biotechnologische Studenteninitiative (btS) e.V.

Technical University of Lodz, Student Association “Ferment” in charge of the Academic Students' Society of Biotechnology
www.p.lodz.pl snack.p.lodz.pl/ferment assb2003.webpark.pl

GeNeYouS, Genomic Network for Young Scientists

Collaborators for the BIOPOP project

Young European Biotech Network

European Federation of Biotechnology

Fondazione Marino Golinelli

Life Learning Centre Network:
Life Learning Center Bologna
Life Learning Center Torino

CNSB - Italian National Council of Students in Biotechnology


Cronobie - cronicles from the future of science


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