Biopop in "Piazza Maggiore" in Bologna
OCTOBER 8th - 9th 2005

Black clouds were waiting for us.
It was the morning of October 8th 2005, when for the first time in Europe we, young biotechnologists, went out from our labs. We decided to meet and listen to people, to question our activities and ponder on them along with those who were passing by piazza Maggiore, whether by accident or choice.

It was not even 9 AM and yet some people were suddenly turning up into our tent, which was placed in the main square in Bologna. It was just a little warning that we wouldn’t have felt lonely under the tent for a long time.
In fact, in the two days of the event people inundated and cheerfully invaded every corner of our tent (with more than 4,000 visitors), and every part of the society was naturally represented.

In these two days, in the BioPop frame, each meeting was different!
It was us, European students, young researchers in Life Science and people, peer to peer. In order to communicate we both had to find a common ground and it was necessary for us, knowing slightly more about biotechnology, to step down from our "expert" pedestal.

This experience was essential to understand how important it is to relate to those who do not usually come with us in our laboratories, but still wish to be involved and participate in scientific discussions that concern everyone.

During those days, to LEARN was a must for us. To learn how to listen, to discuss, to give the right information, if needed, and to come out modified by this adventure.
And then to go back into our laboratories with a little treasure that was this unusual event, the direct contact with other people.

The one in Bologna was only the initial step.
First of all, there is a hope that each one of us will be able to transfer the sparkle that kindled us to talk to the public, because we know that this experience marked the beginning of an important path.
Then our thought goes to the next event in April 2006 in Delft, and to our partners in The Netherlands. Through our experience, they will surely offer a similarly enjoyable event, and hopefully even better.

The project will continue for the rest of 2006, at the end of which we are sure we will provide Europe with a new way of discussing about biotechnology; a new way made of dialogue and listening, that is able to fell the icons that filter the relationship between science and society.



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